2023 Hot Trend: Inflatable Hot Tubs

Since the introduction of the Jacuzzi in 1968, one bathroom fixture that entirely modernized the American backyard culture is the bathtub. Gradually, these tubs got much more portable, affordable, and inflatable. And when we talk about inflatables, one hot trending bathtub is sure to catch our soul. It’s the Inflatable Hot Tubs. Wondering what it is? Let’s get a brief insight into this in a brand-new post. So, let’s get the party rollin’.

❖ What Exactly They Are?
Inflatable hot tubs are portable blown-up tubs filled with heated water. Great for adding a spa-luxury to your bathroom, which is great for relaxing and healing sore muscles. They are made from the best-quality PVC, comprising several vinyl fabrics with distinct qualities.

❖ Its Pros
❖ Inexpensive
They can vary anywhere between $4000 to over $15,000 (for luxury options). However, a beginner inflatable can cost barely $500 to $700!

● Occupy Lesser Spaces
Modern hot tubs with space for 2 to 4 people generally are a bit larger than inflatable hot tubs. So, you can be sure how confined it is. Some of its typical sizes include:
● 5’7” x 5’7″ (170 cm x 170 cm)
● 5’11” x 5’11” (180 cm x 180 cm)
● 7’1” x 7’1” (216 cm x 216 cm)

● Plug-And-Play Setup
All are required to have an available power source and water hose, off-course.

● Mesmerizing Features
They come with several advanced features like:

● App for remote use
● FastFill inflation system
● Headrests
● LED lights
● Power saving timer
● Wireless control panels
● Tendering Feel With Its Soft Material

Since they are made from inflatable material, you will get a tendering and comfy touch while you sit on them and unwind.

● Easy To Upkeep
All that is needed is to Chlorinate its water and replace the hot tub filters. That’s it!

● Fun Add-Ons
It has numerous add-on features to get a seamless experience. Few include:

● Bath pillows
● Cup holders
● Headrests
● Hot tub lights
● Seats
● Trays
● Its Cons

Though, they are considered among the best option in modern houses, yet also exists with a few cons like less durability, longer heating time, and dedicated circuit required in some models.

So, if you are considering upgrading your existing bathtub, why not this option? However, professional installation is always feasible, like what Contractors Odessa TX is pro at. We have thoroughly delivered happy clients worldwide with our top-notch concrete, roofing, flooring, and granite installation services.