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Wether you want to remodel or add on to your home, we got you covered. 

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Any upgrades require contractors for home remodeling Odessa, TX, homeowners can trust. However, renovations can take many forms, and you need someone to manage them all.

It doesn’t make sense to hire out every trade service separately. Instead, you can call on our technicians for reliable home remodeling every day.


Contractors Odessa TX provides reliable upgrades at affordable pricing on any type of building. No matter your home’s age, condition, or areas of concern, we can help with your:

  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Room Conversions
  • Home Additions
  • Exterior Remodeling
  • Entire Home Renovations


From custom features you can’t live without to brand-new floors, we manage any project. Keep your home remodeling project running smoothly with our experienced contractors today.

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Over time, homeowners realize that their place loses its luster before long. Exterior walls trap dirt and debris while the inside collects dust.

Eventually, your entire building appears much older and worn, hurting your resale chances. And when repair items stay ignored, they only worsen in the end.

We guarantee that no matter what projects you might have planned, we’re your top choice. See why homeowners prefer our renovation contractors for their jobs, such as:

  • Roofing Services
  • Concrete Contractors
  • Flooring Upgrades
  • Countertop Services
  • Free Home Remodeling Quotes

Whatever rooms or components require our help, we leave them looking like new again. Don’t struggle with your home remodeling job and leave the hard work to our experts.

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Don’t wait any longer to start making your vision a reality. Let us know what service you are needing and we will get you started right away.

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Which Home Upgrades Should I Do Next?

These days, homeowners have so many options when it comes to renovation projects. You can add smart home features, improve energy efficiency, and even try industrial building materials.

Unfortunately, not every upgrade improves your house’s function or market sales price. Some changes could even negatively impact your home or make for an unsafe environment.

We suggest starting with the living spaces that get used most frequently. Usually, that includes the kitchen, bathrooms, and entertainment rooms, or it could mean new addition.

Floors and countertops are also a cost-effective way of introducing new styles and features. Contact us today and begin discussing your home renovation ideas with our experienced contractors.

Reasons to Hire Renovation Contractors Odessa, TX

Reality TV shows make home remodeling projects both easy and fun. While that is true, it’s also hard work with many complications.

Even the most basic of room remodeling includes working with electrical, plumbing, and drywall. Once you need new countertops and flooring, you’ve hired multiple trade service contractors.

Instead, we act as your all-in-one home renovation pros with practical solutions inside and outdoors. Wherever you have old appliances, outdated décor, and repair concerns, our team solves them all.

You can’t always anticipate a DIY-friendly home flip without our construction background. Get the most value from your next remodeling project and hire our contractors now.

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new framing construction

Our Specialization

We provide top of the line service on a wide spectrum. If you are needing a new addition to your home or just wanting to repaint the kitchen, Contractors Odessa TX is the team for you.


The Top of the line systems for the best roofing jobs.


A large variety of options to fit your vision exactly.

Granite Countertops

Create that solid look for your new counters.


Out with the old in with the new while staying the same.


Carpet, wood, or laminate. It all starts from the floor up.


Bring that colorful aesthetic to life wether inside or outside.

What Our Clients Say

We promise the best quality for the best cost. Don’t just take it from us, take a look at what some of our awesome clients said.

We hired them to remodel a home. They did a great job. Great service and quality work. They always showed on time and got the job done in a timely manner within budget.
Carrie Shaver
My mom needed some work done on the eaves of her 50+ year old home. Boards were separating and needed repair to prevent water damage. These guys came out and assessed the eaves and quoted a responsible price for the job. The job was scheduled for the next day. The team arrived on time with the needed materials and finished in. an appropriate amount of time. They were more than competent, professional, personable, and I would highly recommend them.
Development Company
They have a great roofing companies in Odessa Texas. From start to finish they were professional and took care of everything for our home. Give them a call.
Jonathan Sell
RE Investor

Remodeling Contractors Odessa, TX, Near Me

As your best local remodeling contractors, we arrive at your job quickly. Our team has professional-grade tools, ready to complete any requests.

You can’t afford to lose hours of productivity to rush hour traffic. We know you’re eager to see the finished results of your new upgrades.

Wherever in the Odessa, TX, area you are, we’ll be there shortly. Take care of that home remodeling job you keep putting off near:

  • Newell
  • Judkins
  • Esmond Estates
  • Airway Acres
  • The University of Texas – of the Permian Basin
  • Winwood Town Center
  • Parker House Museum
  • Ector County Coliseum
  • Chimney Rock Shopping Mall
  • Old Town Shopping Center
  • Camanche Trail South Park
  • Sunset Golf & Country Club

From your floors to your roof, we can leave any surface like new again. When your home is ready for a facelift, choose our local renovation experts.

Our Recent Projects

Here is just a few of our most recent projects and services we provide. From home additions to new cabinets, we bring the best in the industry.

New Construction


Kitchen Remodel


Exterior Paint






Granite Countertops


Roofing Services

A quality roofing system will perform well for decades with little maintenance requirements. Of course, that’s assuming you won’t see hurricanes, tornadoes, and other severe storms.

After taking a beating all day and night, soon, you need to replace missing shingles. And any leaks not discovered yet will allow water to intrude as well.

Roofing odessa tx
concrete odessa tx

Concrete Contractors

Poured cement stays one of the most durable building materials available. Even these items, though, wear out with time and need repairs or replacements.

Areas like your driveway encounter hot tires and lots of foot traffic. Wherever you have cracked or broken cement, we’ll replace it quickly with quality materials.

Flooring Upgrades

Homeowners ask what one item they can change to produce lasting remodeling results? We insist that, if nothing else, you consider changing out your current flooring systems.

Over time, carpet traps dust and dirt while hardwood panels splinter and crack. Our team helps you choose the perfect new floors ideal for any living space.

wood flooring odessa tx
granite counters odessa tx


Savvy homeowners will upgrade their countertop surfaces to keep their place looking lively. Swapping out cheaper materials in your kitchens and bathrooms allow them to appear more luxurious.

Some can offer easier cleanups while others make any room look like new. You can’t forget to change out countertops when planning out your next remodel. 

The Best Home Contractors Odessa, TX

If your home is reaching the 10-year mark, it’s time to start looking at improvements. Roof tiles, A/C units, and plumbing begin to wear out.

Our contractors can repair, install, and replace any components you need. Upgrade your place the right way today and hire us at Contractors Odessa TX.

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