Concrete Odessa, TX

Concrete Contractors Odessa, TX

Some trade services prove challenging to find, like concrete contractors Odessa, TX, homeowners trust. Who can you turn to for repairs and refinishing inside and outdoors?

Poured concrete is one of the most commonly used building materials. As both an affordable and durable product, it solves many issues in the right hands.

At Contractors Odessa TX, we offer a variety of practical home improvements and renovations. Even when your cement surfaces seem worn, we can keep them at their best.

Wherever your property has cement cracks, splitting seams, and damaged concrete, hire us. We leave them all appearing like new again, all at affordable costs.

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The Best Concrete Contractors in Odessa, TX

Some homeowners seem shocked to learn that concrete makes up most of their house. Your foundation slab runs from the garage floor throughout the entire first story.

Outside, every section gets poured separately, and each one needs to cure properly. Otherwise, you quickly see problems form shortly after having it installed.

When you hire our concrete contractors, we guarantee professional results on every job. Hire us no matter where you need repairs or replacement concrete, such as:

  • Poured Driveways
  • Cement Sidewalks
  • Concrete Carports
  • Concrete Patios
  • Home Additions
  • A/C Pads
  • Concrete Repairs
  • New Cement Pours
  • Frost Damage
  • Basement Cracks
  • Concrete Resurfacing
  • Subfloor Repairs

Whether the ground is pushing them out of square or they are damaged, call us. Our team handles any service requests, all at low costs every day.

Our Specialization

We provide top of the line service on a wide spectrum. If you are needing a new addition to your home or just wanting to repaint the kitchen, Contractors Odessa TX is the team for you.


Top of the line systems for the best roofing jobs.


Variety of options to fit your vision exactly.

Granite Countertops

Create that solid look for your new counters.


Out with the old in with the new while staying the same.


Carpet, wood, or laminate. It all starts from the floor up.


Bring that colorful aesthetic to life wether inside or outside.

What Causes Concrete Problems in My House?

Because it’s so dense and durable, when cement gets damaged, homeowners want to know why. Unfortunately, the reason could prove any number of hazards or situations.

Unexpected cold snaps and hot weather can cause the surface to expand or contract. Concrete isn’t meant for quick size changes, leading to deep fissures.

And the porous surface on top can easily get clogged with debris and automotive fluids. Over time, these blemishes cause damages and cracks when they stay unaddressed.

Other issues form from heavy use, wrong cure times, and simply old age. Whatever is causing your concrete surface problems, our team is ready to help.

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Why Hire Our Concrete Contractors for Your Job?

At first, concrete seems easy enough to work with, and it’s cheap to buy. All it needs is a bucket and stirrer to set up, right?

Unfortunately, there are a few more steps involved, as well as other considerations. Without knowing how to apply best practices, you will soon have an expensive mess.

Instead, our team has years of experience in pouring, repairing, and replacing concrete. 

Wherever you find growing cracks and widening gaps, you can count on us.

Poured concrete will usually start showing signs of wear and tear after about ten years. Make sure your surfaces receive the best contractors around and hire us now.

Best Concrete Contractors Odessa, TX

When your poured concrete spaces need repairs, they deserve the top contractors you can find. Choose Contractors Odessa TX for professional results and affordable pricing.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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