Remodel your Kitchen The Kid-Friendly Way

Today, most households are looking to remodel their kitchens. However, due to the small kids, these kitchen remodelings impact safety. But not anymore, with these steps, so keep reading till the end!

❖ Lower Countertops
Install countertops at a lower height for your kids to access all the kitchen functions, like preparing food without stretching or standing on a stool.

❖ Furniture
Small children are bound to leave marks & sticky fingerprints on the cabinet; therefore, it is crucial to install simple panels with no clefts. You can even choose flat-fronted doors and drawers for straighter kitchens.

❖ Touch-free Faucets
Accessing conventional faucets can be difficult for small kids. So, install the touch-free faucets with a ‘safe temperature’ feature; so that a child can keep his hand under and gain easy access.

❖ Easy-Access Pantry
Eating healthy is always important regardless of your age. But developing this habit at a very young age is always advisable. So, create a dedicated space in the pantry and fill it with healthy fruits & baked foods.

❖ Add a Blackboard
Looks outdated! But mind you, it’s far more comfortable for your kid to write daily reminders of what to eat, a few inspirational quotes, and more. Moreover, they also find it exceedingly entertaining to scribble the whole day.

❖ Multi-task Island
It serves as a snack bar, dining area, & place for children to do their homework under their mother’s guidance.

❖ Flooring
Most underrated yet the fairest method! Choose non-slip tiles with low-gloss materials like hardwood flooring.

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