Types of Kitchen Sink For Every Home

Renovating the kitchen is not as easy as you think! You need to take care of its intricate components like faucets, cabinets, et cetera. The kitchen sink is one of them, and nevertheless, one of the busiest and focal points that set the tone of any kitchen. Let’s look at its types in this post.

❖Undermount kitchen sink
One of the most versatile and largely preferred kitchens in every house. Choose this option if you are up for multi-tasking, as it has two different sinks to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

❖Top Mount Sink
Yet another one in the list is predominantly used in most American houses. The reason being, it’s simple installation and cheaper costs. Often made of stainless steel.

❖Pedestal Kitchen
One of the most classical ones on the list that sits on the decorative pedestal. Thus, making them suitable for smaller kitchens with premium spaces.

❖Flush Mount Sink
These sinks are installed separately and have the same material as the countertop. Consider this if you look to add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

❖Triple Bowl Kitchen Sink
As the name suggests, it has three bowls as opposed to two bowl sinks. However, the third bowl is at the center, smaller in size to dispose of the garbage.

❖Kitchen Sink with Drainboard
One of the less widely used kitchen sinks in the US, but largely popular in South Asian countries like India. A drainboard is installed at its side to allow space for drying utensils and vegetables.

❖Corner Sink

Think of it as accommodating the corner space for the very small kitchen than normal. It is similar to a countertop wash basin in bathrooms.

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