The Most Common Granite Color For Every US Kitchen

With regards to aesthetics, long-lasting, and price, nothing can beat granite material. There are several reasons to support this statement. Few among these are toughness and resistance against scratches & chips.

Furthermore, if they get maintained correctly, they can retain their rich textural appeal for a lifetime. Below are the few dominant granite countertops colors in every US home.

❖ Black Granite
Black granite is the most common one on our list. It adds a touch of luxury and drama to your kitchen, resembling a star-filled night sky captured in a stone. In general, Gabbro (a rock similar to basalt) is sold as black granite and can be called their cheap alternative, which carries the same properties as their original part.

❖ White Granite
The second one on our list is the white granite for its cleaner and classic appearance. It comprises quartz (for a bright reflective quality), feldspars, and a few minute crystals of calcium, sodium, potassium, and mica.

❖ Gray Granite
Arguably, the most diverse color in this category, as it is hugely subtle to match several decorative styles. It also has smoky patterns to resemble moss with solid veining.

❖ Brown Granite
Brown granite creates a natural look in your kitchen and can go well with wooden cabinetry and other furniture due to its lighter brown, gray, and gold flecks. This texture brings a contemporary design to your galley space.

Wrap Up
So, now you have a clear choice among these top-4 granite colors.
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